Websites Development

Every business deserves a place online.

Your brand online

Every business today is looking to find just the right people with proper skills who can develop their website and take them through how they will be managing it. Megalphas is simply interested in seeing this fulfilled, we only charge for what is chargeable.

Pricing Section

Below are the prices for the different website classes. All our prices are in Zambian Kwacha and exclusive of VAT.

Once off payment


No Authentication enabled
Good for Presentation
Beautiful animations

Once off payment


Authentication enabled
HTML + CSS + Javascript + PHP
Beautiful animations
MySQL DB Enabled
Good for basic Web Application

Dynamic + Intergrated
once off payment


Data from 3rd Parties
Any DB Enabled
Google Analytics enabled
Messaging and notification system
Good for Presentation and application

Advantages of having a website by Megalphas

1. Cheap

Megalphas only charge for what the customer is supposed to pay for.

2. Payment flexibility

The process of building a website will be segmented into four stages after the analysis of the requirements. Customers are allowed to pay before the begining of a new stage and after the review of the previous stage work.

4. Responsive and crystal clear websites.

We build websites which have the same look and feel across all types of devices. They are responsive and beautiful.

5. Intergrated websites at a cheap price.

If the website need to be pulling data from other websites or web applications. The intergration cost are covered by the once off payment and no additional costs are required.

3. Enable anaylitics.

Megalphas will intergrate your application to analytics platforms like Google analytics, giving you the ability to visualize how much traffic you get on your website and which pages are mostly visited.