Web Dashboards

Beautiful dashboards accessible from anywhere for managing and monitoring your application.

Expose the Application Inside

Any application works with information (data), if this data is well presented to the business dicision makers, it can help build a strong market strategy. For many times, the data is either not interesting to look at or only historical data is presented. Megalphas builds web dashboards that can present real time information, statistic metric trend graphs, application managing interfaces etc.

Pricing Section

Below are the prices for the different dashboard classes. All our prices are in Zambian Kwacha and exclusive of VAT.

Snap Shot
Once off payment


Authentication enabled
Auto Lock enabled
3 User profiles max
Basic app managing features
Non realtime app stats trend

Real Time
Once off payment


Authentication enabled
Auto Lock enabled
6 User profiles max
Advanced app managing features
Real-time app stats

Real time + Secured
once off payment


10 User profiles max
Advanced app managing features
Automated change validation process
Messaging and notification system
Responsive graphs

Advantages of having a dashbaord

1. Statistics

Ability to see your application statistics over the days graphically presented. This will be done using responsive and beautiful pie charts, histograms, line charts etc.

2. Inovative developers

Allow your developers to work on inovations and not managing the application. A dashboard will be intuitive to use by any user, not just developers.

3. Live events

Visualize and monitor your application live traffic. This will allow everyone athorized monitor your application live events and traffic load.

4. Your application with you

Manage your application from anywhere, using any internet connected device e.g. smart phone, computer etc.

5. Advanced reporting

Reports on demand. Extract application reports using different critirias by just the click of a mouse.