Adhoc Networking

Behind good communication there is a good network.

Enhance your system network architecture

For applications/systems to acheive there goals, they need to talk to each other and in a correct way. Megalphas is ready to assist with the most challenging and demanding network problems that most communicating systems enconter.


SSL Certificates
Recognised by all browsers

Process Separation

Separate Test and Dev environments
Two vertual or physical servers suffice
Free SSL Implementation

VPN Configuration

IPSec Based VPN
Configured on any vendor device
Manual on how to maintain

Pricing Section

Below are the prices for the different network service classes. All our prices are in Zambian Kwacha and exclusive of VAT.

Securing your domain
Once off payment


Deployment of SSL Certificate
Aquiring of SSL Certificate
Deployment of Max 5 domains
Provision of Renewing Manual

Test and Production separation
Once off payment


Services separation
Enable SSL
Software Load balancing
Authentication APIs
No single point sign on

VPN Configuration
once off payment


IPsec based VPN Configurations
Enable SSL
Service separation
Single point sign on
Authentication APIs
Provision of managing manuals

Advantages of hiring Megalphas for adhoc Network services

1. Cheap

Megalphas only charge for what the customer is supposed to pay for.

2. Payment flexibility

All our implementations are segmented and the customer has the right to pay according to the segmentation.

3. Train your team.

Megalphas will train your team on how to manage the configured network elements and how to trouble shoot. Megalphas will also provive MOPs (Method of Procedure) documents.

4. Provide you with almost free support.

After the configurations are live, you will win free support for the first 3 months and almost free support for lifetime.