Application Analytics

Measure how useful is your application.

See who is using your application

Every application is built to be used by people. Megalphas can help you see who is using your application, when they are using it, how they are using it and what they are using. This enables the customer to focus on enhancing imporntant features.

Pricing Section

Below are the prices for the different service classes. All our prices are in Zambian Kwacha and exclusive of VAT.

Web Apps analytics
Once off payment


Analytics on your website
Basic segmentaion enabled

Android App Analytics
Once off payment


Analytics for your Android App
Segmentation enabled
Channels separation enabled

iOS App Analytics
once off payment


Analytics for your iOS App
Segmentation enabled
Channels separation enabled

Advantages of enabling analytics on your application

1. Measure your application perfomance

See how users respond to your application upgrade or change.

2. See how users are using your application.

See how users are accessing your application, from where, using what etc.

3. See when users need your services.

Get detailed information about when there was high traffic, why and also from where was the triffic originated.

4. Change only what needs to be changed.

With such application perfomance insight, you have the utmost power to enhance it only in the right direction.