About Our Company

How We Started the Journey.

Est. 2017

Why we came about

We are a group of tech enthusiasts and really care about companies brands. Initially we wanted to start a business that will be involved with farming but when we had registered the company, we could not find a partner who could assist with developing a web site that represented our brand. We had several demands on the table which we wanted to get right from the get-go in order for customers to have the same brand interaction online and offline. Just to mention a few, we needed:

  1. A secure web and professional looking web site.
  2. Very fast to load/fine tuned web site and easy to manage.
  3. A proper guidance on how much we need to spend to have a web site and our services online.
  4. Visibility of how many people visited our web site. How they found our web site etc.
  5. Enable people without Smart phones to access our service.

In the process of searching for a partner who could provide us with a web site solution that could satisfy the above conditions, whom we never found, Megalphas was born. We care very much about other companies and we would like to simplify their expenditure on going online and understanding the benefits of being online. Megalphas provides smart and reliable technology solutions. The images below summarizes our services:


Our Services

We promise you a new partnership experience and more importantly, a new attitude. We will do this by working for and with you, we will simplify the product development into stages that will enable you suggest modifications to initial idea blue print.


We can design, implement, simulate and launch basic or advanced USSD applications.

Online Dashboards

We design dashboards that can properly present to you your application metric trends. What ever you are digitally tracking, we can digitally graph it.

Internet Services

We provide guidance on email hosting, website/application hosting, domain name registration and sucuring and we also build professional web sites.


We provide network devices configuration services. LAN, Routing and VPN configurations.