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You have a real dream of your brand, we understand that.

Megalphas aims at developing products that represent your brand quality and perfection. We have enomous experience in developing application interfaces that can incorporate your brand look and feel. We make products that do not compromise on reliability and user experience. Our simplified product development cycle provides flexibility to both our development team and our client payment agreement.

Stage 1

Requirements Analysis


1. Understand customer requirements.
2. Service cost evaluation.
3. Prepare service description/agreement and quotation document.

Stage 2

DB Modeling & Dashboard Implementation


1. Design DB structure.
2. Define and implement initial dashboard functions.
3. Share progress update reports with client.

Stage 3

Application & Dashboard Implementation


1. Model application interfaces flow.
2. Implement application and complete dashboard functions.
3. Share progress update reports with client.

Stage 4

Application Testing & Handover


1. System technical Tests.
2. System User Tests.
3. Handover Application to client.

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As a startup with limited funding, Megalphas was the best option for us. We were able to work with them on the application functional and non-functional requirements specification, database design, dashboard design and implementation, USSD application menus flow modeling and SMS application functions and metrics definition. Megalphas involved us on every stage and we went through the details every week, they suggested best approaches of solving every challenge our application presented. We were offered a very flexible payment agreement that we cant compare and which is very enabling for startups. Proud to say they developed a product which represent our brand!

A partnership is what Megalphas is about, as SkyGrind, we can never understate this. We have a real dream of our brand and finding a team that was able to make the dream a reality online was the most enabling element of our business setup process. Megalphas was not just there for the services we paid for or agreed upon, we enjoyed there ability to go beyond our agreement and deliver a product with pure artistic feel and experience.

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